My BRAVO journey began by watching Jersey Shore! that’s right MTV turned me into a Bravoholic! I was a super fan of Jersey Shore when it aired on TV. When MTV announced that season 6 would be the final season i was shook! I had fallen in love with New Jersey and thought it was the most interesting state. I needed my Jersey fix of loud mouths, spray tans, and italian men! Once Jersey Shore ended i started watching Jerseylicious and wow them bitches was CRAZY! and i loved every minute of it! Once again that show came to an end and i still wasn’t finished with my Jersey fix. i noticed a channel called Bravo one channel over from MTV, and as i was flipping to MTV i noticed a show called The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and thought hmmmm….


The very first episode i tuned into on Bravo was these crazy Jersey woman sitting at a table and this one loud mouthed Jersey girl flipped a table on another woman. i was in shocked, is this what heaven looks like? i was OBSESSED! I started googling the show and found the entire season online. i would come home from Junior High and hide in our office and watch the episodes. I didn’t want anyone seeing me watch this show about women and people to think i was gay. SURPRISE, yes i am gay but didn’t know it at the time lol


After finishing RHONJ i noticed they had another show called RHONY. Since a child i always had an obsession with New York and always dreamed of moving there. I decided to tune in and see what these ladies had to offer me. From that point on i knew BRAVO was my new favorite network. Continuing on my Bravo journey i followed up RHONY with RHOBH, then RHOA. Soon after i attempted RHOC with no interest and moved on. years later i would come back to RHOC after getting obsessed with the show Botched and reading online that Dr. Dubrow’s wife was on RHOC. From that point on i googled the season she joined and started from there. 2 episodes in i loved it so much i stopped, return to season 1 and binged the entire franchise over summer break. With every year that goes by, and every new seasons beginning i become more an more invested in these ladies life. HOOK, LINE AND SINK! That was my journey to becoming a…