From marital struggles and press conferences, to umbrellas and geriatric granny’s the ladies of RHOP are not playing this season. With the season reaching the half way point, Bravo released the mid-season teaser to even more jaw dropping moments. Season 3 is shaping up to be one of the best seasons of housewives I’ve ever watched. We welcomed newbie, Candice Dillard, this season who is turning out to be very funny and entertaining; After all, SHE CAME FROM JESUS!



  • Monique throws Chris a 40Th birthday party.
  • The @_thebosssquad meme becomes the topic of conversation
  • The news breaks on Karen’s tax debt.
  • Ashley moves back in with Michael.
  • Robyn moves to a new home.
  • Ashley host’s sip with socialites.
  • Candice makes her debut.
  • Gizelle host a backyard book reading.
  • Karen holds a press conference.
  • Robyn host’s a paint party.
  • Candice throws a bubble soccer game.
  • Karen’s wig shifted at lunch.
  • Monique gets in an accident.
  • The ladies travel to Nemacolin.
  • Candice calls Charisse a geriatric granny.
  • Gizelle and Candice get into it over dinner.
  • Ashley alleges Monique was drinking and driving.
  • Ashley cuts her mother off financially.
  • Karen host a scent preview dinner.
  • Monique confronts Ashley at Karens dinner.
  • Karen kicks all the ladies out of the dinner.
  • Monique tries to choke Robyn with a umbrella…ICONIC!


The mid-season teaser was quite the preview. I have to say, this season is absolutely AMAZING! I love all the women and feel they all add something different and unique to the cast. Candice is hilarious and leaving a lasting impression for her first season (Newbies take note, this is how you do it). Gizelle is still killing the comedy game in her confessional. Monique is opening up and we are getting to see more of her life. Karen is proving to still be the Grande Dame, and showing a more vulnerable side this season. Ashley is navigating her way through the struggles of family and marriage. Lastly, Robyn is finally getting her life back on track, and I couldn’t be happier for her!



  • Robyn delivers a pizza to Karen’s home.
  • The ladies travel to Cannes on vacation.
  • Candice and Chris discuss a prenup.
  • The ladies start to question Gizelle’s relationship with Sherman.
  • Sherman’s ex-girlfriend steps into the spotlight.
  • Michael has a difficult conversation with Ashley.
  • The ladies question where Karen is living.
  • Candice and Chris take a break.
  • Monique and Chris hit a rough patch.
  • Ashley makes allegations about Karen’s husband.
  • Gizelle drops a bomb about Ray Huger.