Rumors are starting to swirl that #RHOD newbie Jennifer Hartman is dating Stone Temple Pilots Guitarist Dean DeLeo. The news broke after Jennifer took to social media sharing the photo above of the two on Instagram. The couple is yet to confirm or deny the rumors circulating. Jennifer has been divorced from her former husband for 5 years, while Dean separated from his wife 6 months ago. The couple allegedly met years ago threw mutual friend singer-songwriter Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

While we wait for this power couple to confirm the news, sources also report that the couple became closer within recent months while Jennifer’s son, Cole Allen, begins his journey to becoming a musician/artist. A friends close to the couple stated “I’ve never seen Jen happier, he treats her like gold”. Respecting the couples private life, I hope in the upcoming months the rumors are confirmed. Everybody deserves to find love and be happy right? So congrats Jen and Dean!

Below is Stone Temple Pilot’s band members and Jennifer’s son, Cole Allen.