While filming of the fabulous San Antonio women comes to an end the first week of July, we can expect a lot of glamorous parties, events, and even a cast trip! As I follow the women’s journey to becoming Bravolebrities, here is a little update on filming and what we can expect this season…

JUNE 9, 2018

The women came together to show their love and support for Karla as she launched her new line of jewelry, Adorned by KTC.


JUNE 14, 2018

In true San Antonio fashion Luz, Janet, Karla, Lorena, and friend Michelle Lozano enjoyed a night on the town while attending the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber Awards Dinner. And Janet wins selfie on the year haha!


JUNE 16, 2018

Celebrating the one year anniversary of Hotel Discotheque, the women partied in style at the “Havana Nights” themed soiree. The San Antonio hot spot is owned by Karla’s husband, Manoli Zacharias. All of the women were in attendance except Penelope, as she embarked on her own European adventure.


JUNE 22, 2018

A San Antonio local spotted Lorena and husband, Ignacio, having dinner downtown at an Italian restaurant while cameras rolled in the background. In the first image you can see production lighting the table before the hot couple arrived.

JUNE 25, 2018

It’s not a Bravo show without a cast trip right? Hanging up her Beret, Penelope joined the other ladies as they head off to Horseshoe Bay Resort for a weekend getaway.  With their husbands in tow, the gang popped bottles on an evening boat ride along the shore. On day 2 of the cast trip, things heated up between the ladies before returning to the big city.

JUNE 28, 2018

Single mother, Anayancy, hosted the Rising Women Charity Event and all of San Antonio’s elite was in attendance. The organization was founded in 2013 to share stories of encouragement and empower women. Cameras rolled as the ladies showed up to share their love and support for Anayancy. Along with the women, close friend John Salazar was in attendance.

JUNE 30, 2018

Supporting the LGBTQ community, Janet, Luz, Penelope, and Karla attended San Antonio Gay Pride. The ladies road in style along side Janet as her company River City Hospice supported the event. Joining the ladies for late night festivities was close friend of the women, Michael Joseph.

JULY 3, 2018

A local spotted Anayancy and Lorena having lunch at Rosario’s Restaurant on San Pedros. The San Antonio native described the lunch as a “Tame lunch between two friends”. After wrapping, production crews handed everybody in the restaurant release forms for anybody who will possibly be seen in the background. The on looker was unable to obtain a photo of the ladies filming.

JULY 4, 2018

THE END OF THE BEGINNING! Wrapping up the final day of filming, the women celebrated with a 4th of July party. The event was held at the Fairmount Hotel in downtown San Antonio. The original party was supposed to be held at a mansion in Bandera, Texas. However production was unable to obtain filming rights at the venue. Shortly after the crew set their eyes on the Fairmount Hotel. The party was going to be held on the rooftop deck followed by a fireworks display. However, on the day of the event rain storms caused the finale to be moved once again to the inside of the hotel. The fireworks were cancelled, but the women still made the night a success. All of the women were spotted in attendance along side spouses and friends.


We have made it to the end! With the season complete, production is set to finalize last interviews with the women before departing San Antonio on Friday. The footage of the ladies now enters stage 2 of the process, where it will be cut and edited into 9-10 episodes. The confessional interviews will be edited into scenes and the most iconic moments will be spliced together for a series premiere trailer. Bravo has yet to give the beauties show a title. The series is set to premiere around Jan/Feb of 2019. If tradition follows, we can expect the trailer some time in December or late November followed by promotional clips in the upcoming weeks. So, will they be Real Housewives?????