After a long wait, we welcomed back our Dallas stars for the season 3 premiere. Kicking off the episode we welcome a new baby to the Bravo franchise. Surprise, Brandi adopted a baby boy! The adoption was made possible by bestie Stephanie, and friend of the housewives Dr. James Mercer. The baby was placed with Brandi through Dr. James agency, Lone Star Adoptions. CONGRATS BRANDI AND BABY BRUIN!!!!!!!!

Back in Preston Hollow, LeeAnne and D’Andra meet for some Meditation. D’Andra’s commentary during the zen session is hilarious. I’m so glad to see LeeAnne wanting to work on herself and improve her relationships with the ladies after leaving off in a bad space last year. At this point LeeAnne is still at odds with Stephanie, Cary, and Brandi.

While baby shopping, Stephanie meets up with Brandi to meet baby Bruin. The genuine happiness on Stephanie’s face when seeing Bruin is friendship goals! The 2 talks briefly about the adoption and state of friendships in the group.


Back in Highland Park Village, D’Andra and hot hubby Jeremy meet with the caterers to plan their 4th wedding anniversary party. At first I thought it was about to be a table etiquette lesson for Jeremy after his butter knife scandal last year lol. We learn that D’Andra and Momma Dee are at odds after taking back the reins of the company. I relate to D’Andra so much, her relationship with her controlling mother is like looking in a mirror for myself. Yes, I know our parents just want the best for us, however I crave the independence and trust like D’Andra. The only way we can know if we will sink or swim is by trusting us! it’s not about being in control. It’s about your mother trusting you enough that you will make the right decisions.


Speaking of family business, Kameron and Court struggle to come to a decision with the future of Sparkle Dog. Court would like Kameron at home, While she would like to continue to paint the town pink with her pink sparkly dog food. I feel like Kameron is really growing into her own independent person and I love watching that. Running a business is hard, so Court should support her and be proud. This show is an amazing platform for women. I hope Kameron continues to thrive and show Hilton that you can do anything you want, and don’t need a mans support. So, go my pink princess! THRIVE!


Fighting the ridiculous Dallas traffic, LeeAnne and Rich head downtown and discuss the relationship with Cary. Production makes a doozie though, and cuts to Kameron’s black Range Rover driving down the street as if it is LeeAnne and Rich. I’m a car junkie so it’s clear to me the difference between a Range Rover and a silver Mercedes E class, get it together production! I think it was important to Rich that LeeAnne reaches out to Cary, because he has actually known the Deubers longer than LeeAnne. When LeeAnne picked up that phone to call Cary I was on the edge of my seat. “Hey girl–” *** holding my breath***. The 2 decide to meet for coffee at a later date and LeeAnne and rich drive off into the sunset.

Back in Plano, Brandi and Stephanie meet for a manicure with baby Bruin in tow. Brandi proceeds to say that she will not be attending D’Andra’s anniversary party. She claims D’Andra has been going “around town” talking badly about her. First off the comments made were last year, and not something to hold a grudge about. If the comments bothered her so bad, she should have addressed it at the reunion. Brandi claims the combination of D’Andra and LeeAnne are the reason for not attending, however she was not so innocent in the drama last year. Watching season 2, it was clear Brandi used LeeAnne when she didn’t have Stephanie by her side. Once she had her bestie back, she no longer needed LeeAnne, and to prove her loyalty to Cary and Stephanie she used her time with LeeAnne as ammunition against her.

The day of the coffee date arrives with storms brewing outside, rightfully so. LeeAnne comes in very genuine and open-minded to fix things with Cary. At first I appears Cary did not come to bury the hatchet, but quickly takes a turn for the best! The ladies apologize and decide to move forward with a clean slate. I commend Cary and LeeAnne for making the effort to move on and not continue beating a dead horse. Besides these 2 power houses together would be unstoppable!

We learn that Cary has in fact returned to work alongside Mark at the practice. Cary now runs the new laser center at Lemmon Ave Plastic Surgery and Laser. Way to go Cary for continuing her passion while still having time at home with Zuri. #BossAssBitch


Back in Highland Park, D’Andra and Jeremy prepare for the party and show up dazzling in a gorgeous floor length dress. D’Andra has impeccable fashion taste. As the guest start to arrive we welcome some familiar faces Cynthia Smoot, Joshua Bernard, Jennifer Gaydos, Chad Collom, Bradley Pritch, Steve Kemble, and of course the fabulous Momma Dee! Another throwback guest arriving along side Kameron is Taylor Garret. You may recall him from season one spilling the “shit in a bag” story to Stephanie and Brandi.

As the party kicks off I can’t help but laugh when the cameras cut to Momma Dee saying “this is boring, can we get this party started”.  As guest take their seats Stephanie claims her throne next to LeeAnne at the fun table. The 2 make small talk and seem to genuinely make a connection. I hope to see this friendship thrive without having the side interjections from the other ladies. The two love to have a great time, and I can see them making us all laugh with their antics and a little Jesus juice.


Don’t you hate when that happens?! As the end credits start to roll, we see Brandi makes a guest appearance at the party, and pulls D’Andra aside for a quick chat. Unsure of whats to come next week, I do know from inside sources that drama does kick off at the event so stay tuned…

The preview for next week shows D’Andra and Momma Dee back in the saddle having a heated discussion at the office. With more to come this season I can’t wait to see what these Dallas women have in store for us!