Starting off episode 2 the party continues at D’Andra’s anniversary celebration. While the women celebrate with champagne toast, a surprise party guest arrives. After previously stating she would not attend the event, Brandi decides to show up guns blazing for D’Andra. Brandi’s issues with D’Andra are very petty in my opinion. You had the season 2 reunion and all the months in between filming to call and address the issues with D’Andra. Purposely waiting until filming begins comes off as very calculated and desperate for drama.


Upon arrival Brandi ask to speak with D’Andra privately. The two-step away and sit down to chat. Brandi tells D’Andra she’s never “not liked” her and the two move forward. Meanwhile LeeAnne and Stephanie share drunken love moments. The party ends on a positive note with Brandi and D’Andra moving forward and Stephanie being carried out of the party. Too much jesus juice lol


Back at the office D’Andra and Momma Dee arrive to work and meet to discuss the future of the business. D’Andra talks re-branding and new packaging but Momma Dee is NOT hearing it. D’Andra points out the strain on their relationship comes in the form of financial control. I do think D’Andra is on the right track about rebranding Ultimate Living. So come on Momma Dee, let her bring the packaging into the 20th century.


Heading down to Turtle Creek Stephanie shows off her newly finished big ole mansion. It’s gorgeous! Stephanie discusses the bubbles and bru party for Brandi before getting a visit from her family in town. Opening up with her mother, Stephanie tugs at our heart-strings with her story about her suicide attempt. Battling depression myself in highschool I related so much to this story. I remember when I was so unhappy and disgusted with myself I just wanted a way out. I commend Stephanie for sharing her story with us.

The party kicks off with all the guessed arriving dressed to empress. Brandi and baby bruin hide upstairs until all guest arrive, while Stephanie gets the celebration started. LeeAnne is in attendance after Stephanie talks Brandi into inviting her. I love that Stephanie and LeeAnne are finally forming a friendship. Our pink princess arrives to be greeted by, nobody oh kam lol. The “smart blonde” quickly figures out the party and stephanie covers her tracks.

When it comes times for the big announcement Stephanie shares a lovely speech about her best friend before Brandi walks down for the big reveal. The crowd cheers and it’s all love and happiness as the credits start to roll.

Until next time…