The celebration continues at Stephanie’s big ole mansion as Baby Bruin made his grand arrival. The ladies are shocked, specially poor Kameron who thought Stephanie was the one having the baby. Brandi decides to pull LeeAnne aside and hash out their differences, with a positive reconciliation. After Brandi steps aside with D’Andra to continue the conversation from D’Andra’s anniversary party. I thought this was resolved already???…

D’Andra assures Brandi that in the podcast interview she did NOT specify who had a Adderal problem, but Brandi insist her inside “sources” told her otherwise. Cutting to her confessional she reveals that it was in fact, Cary, who states D’Andra was talking about Brandi. However, when Cary walks up, Brandi stays quite. If you’re gonna talk about “inside sources” you might as well say who the person is. Ending the party on a positive note, Kameron invites the group to Beaver creek for a girls trip.


Back in Highland Park, Kameron preps for the girls trip by securing the family jet, making an itinerary, and getting matching PJ’s for the PJ! The group will be staying at the Westcott family home in the snowy mountains. While the rest of the group packs, D’Andra discusses the drama from Brandi’s baby celebration with Jeremy.

The following morning the girls arrive at DFW private air strip to be greeted by the Westcott jet fueled and ready for takeoff. And NO, it wasn’t pink. The girls are dressed in their pink pj’s except D’Andra, unamused by Kameron. D’Andra best ASS-et sadly, could not conform to Kameron’s pretty pink pajamas.

Landing in Beaver Creek, the ladies head to Beaver Liquors to stock up on jesus juice before getting to the house. Stephanie and Brandi attempt to ease the stick out of Kameron’s ass with sexual humor, unsuccessfully. The dynamic duo decides to buy an inappropriate poster to prank Kameron with later on, and the group heads out for the snowy mountain mansion.

Arriving at the beautiful mansion, the ladies get room assignments and check out all the amenities. Stephanie and Brandi spin the evening being human sleds before turning in for dinner cooked by a private chef.


Hopped up on jesus juice the girls play a dirty question game and Brandi attempts to kiss Kameron. In the game, the question of being videod during sex comes up, cutting the girls hilarious confessionals. I’m totally D’Andra on this one, I had to see what my ass looked like to know if I liked the lights on or off, LMAO #NoShame. After revealing Brandi has only had one sexual partner, Kameron chimes in with “Really I thought it was like 50” ohhh the shade.


 Following the eye-opening game, the group heads to the hot tub. Of course Cary get naked and shows off those boobs by Deubs! While the other girls remain modest, LeeAnne decides not to join at all, and goes to bed. LeeAnne seemed very off this episode, and the girls thought so also in their confessionals.


Back inside Kameron bring up the surprise adoption again to Brandi, as she felt left out from events going on in her “friends” life. Quickly jumping to her defense, Stephanie gets into it with Kameron while brandi runs off crying. Stephanie tells Kam “We’re not going to bash her for adopting a baby” which infuriates Kameron. I have to be honest, I’m living for sassy Kam this season. Before the credits start to roll we see Brandi sobbing with Cary and Stephanie by her side, while Kameron vents to D’andra and says she does not want Stephanie in her home…