The feud continues between Kameron and Stephanie about the word choices Stephanie made. As I understand it is ultimately Brandi’s choice when to share the adoption info, I see where Kameron is coming from. If you look at the time span, Brandi’s baby was born in December. Filming began in February while the surprise party was on March 3rd. So while Brandi made it seems like only days it was kept a secret, in reality, it was 3 months. The next day the group departs on the most awkward van ride to the mountains for some fun in the snow. Brandi explains she felt “targeted” by Kameron, and the two apologize and move on.


Following Kameron’s itinerary, the girls pair off for some fun on ski mobiles, while enjoying the Colorado scenery. Arriving on top the world, Brandi and D’Andra try to make amends for the third time. At this point if I was D’Andra I would just cut my loses. I feel like Brandi is trying to have an issue with D’Andra for no reason. Apologizing again to Brandi, D’Andra agrees to move on and admits she herself has ADHD.


Returning to the Westcott mansion, the altitude and booze start to kick in as the girls enjoy some old school college fun. The next morning when learn that D’Andra and LeeAnne got into an alcohol infused argument. Brandi’s hilarious recap of the events was the best moment of the night. The two apparently got into a heated argument over who is the “QUEEN” of the group. The girls come up with an idea to hold a pageant to see who the real Queen of Dallas is.

That day the girls divide for some relaxed fun, pairing off for different activities. Returning for dinner the group sit down for the last supper in the Westcott mountain mansion. The pageant is held and the girls show off their skills in a friendly competition. The game takes a turn for the worst when Brandi asked the girls to give a question to each other. D’Andra kicks it off by asking LeeAnne “Why haven’t you and Rich got married yet?”. LeeAnne explains that the delays in the big day stem from things in her past. LeeAnne fears pushing Rich to marriage will cause a fault in their happy relationship.

D’Andra Fires back with some tough love, telling LeeAnne “You need to get it together bitch, it’s been nine years”. LeeAnne begins to cry and to my surprise, Cary comes to her defense. While people start attacking D’Andra on social media for not “minding her business”, I find myself confused. That is what a true friend does! They don’t tell you what you want to hear, they tell you the truth and what needs to be said. I don’t think D’Andra was being mean at all, she was being a true friend.


Nurse Cary comes to the rescue as LeeAnne’s lashes begin to fall, ending the tears with a little laughter. Cary is really surprising me this season. She has been so open-minded, and willing to start a new journey of friendship with LeeAnne. At this point LeeAnne has both Cary and Stephanie in her corner, which is a nice change. Moving forward is what will keep the story going for the group. We don’t need another season of 3 against 1.

In the morning as the ladies start to depart one by one, the pageant comes to a rap with the talent portion. Kameron and Brandi judge and make the final decision of who is the Queen of Dallas. While D’Andra shows off her #whiteBeyonce ass skills, LeeAnne spits verses of a rap. Beaver creek comes to an end and all is well between the group, or so we think…