Returning from Beaver Creek, the ladies are back in the big D for some Texas size fun. With friendships mended, the ladies are starting fresh, following the adoption disaster.


Back in Preston Hollow, LeeAnne and Rich have dinner and discuss setting a wedding date. LeeAnne voices her concerns to Rich and the two settle the wedding date debate. I really would love to the two get married, and live happily ever after. They both deserve it!


Back in Highland Park, Kameron preps for her first World Dog Expo. While setting up her Sparkly decals, Hilton calls Sparkle Dog dumb. Kameron voices her struggles with being a mom and a lady boss. I do hope Kameron continues to thrive in the doggy world gaining her independence. By Kameron following her dreams, it shows her daughter that you don’t need a man to support you!


LeeAnne heads to D’Andra’s home for some girl chat after talking to Rich about the wedding date. The two besties have a genuine conversation and LeeAnne assures D’Andra all is well in lovers land. Like any best friend, D’Andra gives LeeAnne some tough love advise before changing the subject. When D’Andra shares the friendship status of her and Brandi, LeeAnne warns D’Andra to be careful. Rightfully so, after watching Brandi play both sides last season before stabbing LeeAnne in the back.


It’s all caution signs and hard hats for Cary! Her and Mark walk through their home with their interior designer to check on construction progress. The home is shaping up, all while making room for more Birkins and skeletons in that closet.


The next morning, the girls meet at D’Andra modern mansion in Highland Park for a day at the rodeo. Brandi’s long time friend, Joyce Morrison, joins LeeAnne, Kameron, Brandi, and D’Andra for the big event. While the girls are ready for bull riding, Kameron prefers a nice bowl ride; LMAO! The group arrives at the rodeo dressed to impress, as they enjoy a day of texas size fun.


The rodeo kicks off and the ladies enjoy mechanical bull riding, and shots! LeeAnne burps her way through the jesus juice, while Brandi gets the party started. Shockingly, D’Andra sits down with Brandi and informs her of what LeeAnne had to say at her home the other day. Angry with LeeAnne, Brandi begins to wonder what will come of her and LeeAnnes newly fixed friendship.

While I understand why D’Andra told Brandi, I don’t think the relationship between Brandi and LeeAnne is healthy. My hats off to LeeAnne for even apologizing to Brandi after last season. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice…