While many tuned into episode 6 from their living rooms, many including myself, attended the RHOD watch party at Bottle Blonde in downtown Dallas. The party was a hit, raising money for Lone Star Adoptions Agency owned by James Mercer, M.D.


While we sipped Jesus juice and celebrated with the ladies, LeeAnne attended WWHL and Cary handled other business. D’Andra, Kameron, Brandi, and Stephanie hosted the party, showing off their many businesses for a great cause. Sharing the night with us all was Momma Dee, and honey she was dressed to impress! It was a great night and loved seeing all the people who showed up in support of these fabulous ladies! Driving all the way up from San Antonio, TX, twitter peeps Paul McCain and Travis Hampton joined us all for the evenings festivities.



It’s always great seeing D’Andra. Stealing my heart in black, my favorite color, she made her rounds taking photo’s with everyone while stopping to chat real quick. I really have a strong connection to D’Andra. I find her inspiring, and very relatable. Despite what you see on TV, she is the most humble and kind person you will meet. She has given me such great advise over time, as I struggle on making changes in my life. She reminds me so much of my BFF back home. As she, herself, is a no-nonsense straight shooter.  I really look up to D’Andra and love everything she has built for herself. After all, she is one. tough. mother!


Meeting Kameron was so funny! Her Sparkle Dog booth was set up directly next to our table. She spent the night selling her sparkly pink food and taking photo’s with fans. As things started to calm down, I went up to introduce myself. Leaning in for a hug I said “Hi so nice to finally meet you, I’m the BravoBoy”. Before I could say my real name she freaked! she was like “OMG, I can’t believe you’re here! How are you liking Dallas? You’re so funny I love your content. OMG, hold on I need a selfie for my phone”. She was so sweet and funny, I was kinda shocked she was so thrilled to meet little ole’ me!


The party was wrapping up whenever I made my way around the bar to meet Stephanie. A mutual friend introduced us and we hugged and said hello. Literally, she is exactly as you see on TV. Very soft-spoken and truly a genuine person. We laughed at how this was a “watch party” however their was not much of that going on. The episode played in the background, but with the amount of people in the venue it was simply just impossible to pay attention to the TV.